Fujifilm CD-R 700mb 52X Slimcase 10-Pack Color

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Recordable and rewritable CDs - reliable publishing and distribution media.
With the large and expanding installed base of CD-ROM drives, CD-R and CD-RW have now become popular media for low-volume publishing and distribution of data, as well as mass storage and long-term archiving. Fujifilm CD-R and CD-RW discs offer ideal CD-recorder drive compatibility. Whatever your needs might be, Fujifilm CD-R and CD-RW provide the gold standard in recordable optical discs.

Lower Error Rates for Superior Performance
Newly-developed, high-sensitivity organic color layer - the fruit of Fujifilm's extensive organic color layer library - and highly reflective film layer give Fujifilm CD-R improved reflectivity at lower power levels. This means lower error rates even with compromised power levels in the write laser or if the lens is dirty, as well as stable performance at higher writing speeds.

Multiple Rewrites
CD-RWs from Fujifilm incorporate a rare earth metal alloy-Ag-in-Sb-Te*- featuring a unique phase-change property that allows data to be written to the disc again and again. Thanks to improved sensitivity in recording and erasure, rewritability is enhanced, allowing up to one thousand write/rewrite cycles.

Wide Drive Compatibility
Rigorous testing has confirmed that Fujifilm CD-Rs are compatible with almost all CD-R writers and CD-ROM drives. Fujifilm CD-RW, with its unique, high-sensitivity phase-change recording layer, boasts a wide power margin to assure broad drive compatibility including multi-read CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives.

Long Life, Unparalleled Archiving
Fujifilm CD-R and CD-RW discs have superior working life, offering over a million read passes without data degradation. And for archiving they are simply unsurpassed. CD-RW gives you 30 years of safe data storage, while CD-R provides an astonishing 70-100 years archiving capability.
Block error:
20 eps
CD write speed:
Disk thickness:
1.2 mm
Inner diameter:
1.5 cm
Linear velocity:
1.2 m/s
Native capacity:
700 MB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
Recording areas:
4.47 cm
Recording time:
80 min
Reflection rate:
Track pitch:
1.5 µm

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