Fujifilm CD-R 700MB 52x, 10-Pk Slimcase

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Fujifilm CD-Recordable (CD-R) disks offer advances in write-once optical disk production - making them the superior choice for creating CD-ROMS using standard CD-R 120mm recordable drives. Fujifilm CD-R disks feature a unique dye-recording layer that offers optimum archival life and unsurpassed protection against degradation. Plus, Fujifilms reflective silver layer ensures superior read-back for the ultimate in lifetime performance. Fujifilm CD-Rs are suitable for music, data, photos with capacities of up to 700MB and transfer speeds of up to 52x.
Block error:
20 eps
CD write speed:
Disk thickness:
1.2 mm
Inner diameter:
1.5 cm
Linear velocity:
1.2 m/s
Native capacity:
700 MB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
Recording areas:
4.47 cm
Recording time:
80 min
Track pitch:
1.5 µm

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