Imation BD-RE SL, 1x-2x, 25GB, Jewelcase

В наявності
Rewritable Blu-ray Disc (BD-RE) is one of the new High Definition formats from Imation: an ultra-high capacity optical disc, with more than 10x the capacity of a standard DVD, which makes it perfect for High Definition video recording and playback as well as archiving massive amounts of data. And being rewritable increases the flexibility of this format considerably.

Blu-ray is all-new technology and gets its name from the very short wavelength blue laser that reads the disc. It’s this short wavelength that allows even more packets of information than ever before to be recorded onto one disc: a single layer Blu-ray disc will be able to record 2 hours of High Definition content, or up to 13 hours at standard definition.

As well as high capacity, Blu-ray is also very fast, so your device should feel more responsive, and thanks to the inclusion of Java technology and the capacity to interact with content from other sources, such as online, it can deliver a very rich and highly interactive experience to all users.

Reasons to buy
-Rewritable High Definition media
-Ultra-high capacity (25GB) will record 2 hours of High Definition content.
-Manufactured by Imation, the data storage brand trusted by more businesses than any other.

-Ultra-high 25GB capacity.
-Rewritable up to 1,000 times.
-Faster bit rate, so devices will feel naturally responsive.
-Greater interactivity for a better gaming experience.
-Ability to combine and synchronise content from disc with content from alternative sources, eg online.

Ad copy
High Definition has had more trails and previews than any blockbuster movie, but now it’s here, it’s easy to see why. Detail, colour, sound: they’re all more spectacular than ever before. Now you can capture, replay and recreate that amazing High Definition experience for yourself again and again with rewritable Blu-ray media from Imation, the world leader in data storage technology.
Package type:
Duplex (double-sided):
Native capacity:
25 GB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
BD-RE write speed: