TDK 49024

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Products like the TDK branded BD-R 4X 50 pack media are reasons why the company boasts the bold slogan “Life on Record.” With a proven track record for delivering quality electronic products including recordable storage media, TDK continues to shine in the blank media industry by providing innovative, compatible, and reliable optical storage media. To buy these TDK BD-R’s for cheap, make your purchase from LINKYO.

Available as 50-pack cake boxes, the BD-R’s of the TDK 49024 are produced with the labeling side of the discs embossed with TDK’s trademarked logo, specs of the discs, and some cosmetic label designs. In addition, because this is a Blu-ray product of TDK the discs within are manufactured using TDK’s Durabis 2 technology. This provides the Blu-ray discs with an unparalleled durability protection in the form of an ultra scratch-resistant coating. Moreover, each of these discs is a standard single layer BD-R – this means that it can store up to a maximum of 25GB’s worth of digital data. It can also perform recording processes at speeds of up to 4X.
Package type:
Native capacity:
25 GB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
BD-R write speed: