Sony Multitap for PlayStation 2 Black

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Sometimes two players just aren't enough. Expand your gaming circle with the Multitap, and double your playing fun!

The Multitap (for PlayStation 2) reflects the stylish design of the PlayStation 2 itself. Tag matches, multi-player races, mixed doubles and football teams are all made possible through the new Multitap. As with the PS one Multitap, the Multitap (for PlayStation 2) means you can open up your gaming experience to your friends. With compatible software and enough controllers you can have up to 8 people playing at once.

Key Features:

- The official Multitap for PlayStation 2.
- Sleek black design mirrors the stylish lines of PlayStation 2.
- Plugs in via the Controller Port allowing 1 to 4 controllers to be connected, 5 in total using the second Controller Port.
- With two Multitaps up to 8 people can play simultaneously.
- New, compact design takes up less space.
- Developed and manufactured by Sony to guarantee a robust and durable peripheral.
- The essential accessory for all multi-player gamers.
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