HP Digital Sketch BU865AA

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The HP Digital Sketch wireless tablet allows users to perform familiar mouse functions and utilize all the features and functionality of standard software applications from anywhere in a conference room, classroom, or large meeting space. The tablet is lightweight and compact; yet provides ample workspace for efficient desktop and program navigation and input. Through a seamless integration with HP Scrapbook software (included), the HP Digital Sketch offers a unique dual input feature so you can with the tablet and the HP Pocket Whiteboard. While someone is drawing in Scrapbook with the tablet, someone else at the board can simultaneously use full mouse-functionality to drag in images, edit strokes, or set up a shared meeting.

- Allows for synchronous input by two users-one on tablet, one on Interactive Whiteboard.
- Mobile nature promotes interaction between presenters and audience, teachers and students.
- Allows for synchronous input by two users-one on tablet, one on the HP Pocket Whiteboard (#QL796AA).
- Long-range RF allows ease of mobility in large assembly spaces during group presentations.
- Shortcut keys with the most frequently used Scrapbook tools.
Battery technology:
Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery type:
Colour of product:
Compatible products:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
278 x 282 x 20 mm
612 g

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