3M TS-GR100

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For Tablets and Smart Phones
The 3M Smart Pen for Tablets and Smart Phones brings the familiar and comfortable pen feel to your
touchscreen surface with easy‚ smooth draw and precise icon selection. Available in black and grey‚ the 3M Smart Pen’s highly sensitive capacitive tip makes it ideal for use with an iPad ‚ iPod touch ‚ iPhone and many other popular capacitive touchscreen devices.

Lightweight pen requires no power or software
The 3M Smart Pen is a capacitive stylus designed to work as an integrated part of touch systems found in today's smart phone and tablet devices. This capacitive stylus is much more than the traditional accessory pen made of plastic or low cost metal. Instead, it is the combination of high-quality and advanced materials engineering that helps optimize the interaction between you and your touch devices.

- Precise touch over the entire display‚ even in the corners
- Anti-stiction pen tip
- Soft tip facilitates light touch activation
- Draw‚ write‚ and drag smoothly
- Reduces fingerprints and smudging
- No power or software required
- One year limited warranty
Colour of product:
8.4 mm
11.8 cm

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