Wacom Intuos Intuos2 4D

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The Intuos2 4D Mouse features a completly new and advanced ergonomic design. With its rubberised, sculptured grip areas the Intuos2 4D Mouse ambidextrous and great to handle. It doesn’t have a cable, battery or rolling ball to stick and get dusty. What it does offer is much higher resolution, five programmable buttons, a new self-centring fingerwheel (Microsoft Intellimouse™ compatible).

-Use the Intuos2 4D Mouse in conjunction with an Intuos2 pen and you can program shortcuts on the mouse, continue to work with the pen and you do not have to use the keyboard anymore.
-With its unique 4D features (x-y positioning, fingerwheel and rotation sensing) the Intuos2 4D Mouse is more accurate, more cost-effective and easier to handle than a spacemouse and a spaceball. It is the ultimate tool for computer navigation and offers maximum control of 2D and 3D objects.
-Five mouse buttons: Five freely programmable mouse buttons offer massive scope for user-friendly functionality - particularly since keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-V are programmable. Two buttons may also be activated in combination.
-Better grip: Itґs ambidextrous rubberised and sculpted grip area lets you handle the 4D Mouse more conviniently and precisely.
-The new fingerwheel: With the fingerwheel the Intuos2 4D mouse offers an extremely accurate control element - for an extra dimension. Accurate control of videos and animation, bi-directional scaling, zooming of the 3D objects to the nearest pixel. Bi-directional with +/-1024 levels.
-Pinpoint accuracy: An ordinary mouse has a resolution of 400 up to 800 dpi. The Intuos2 4D Mouse has a resolution of 2540 dpi, making mincemeat of standard mice.
-Get to grips with four dimensions: Rotation control Intuos2 tablets recognise not only x-y positioning and the fingerwheel position but also the rotation of the Intuos 2 4D Mouse. Rotating the Intuos2 4D Mouse causes objects on the screen to be rotated (in supported applications), so that 3D objects can be moved, rotated and scaled - all at the same time.
Buttons quantity:
Device interface:
RF Wireless
Movement detection technology:
Movement resolution:
2450 DPI
PC / Mac
Compatible operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 95/98, Apple MacOS 8.5, Apple MacOS 9, Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT4.0, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows XP, Apple MacOS X 10.1
Mouse dimensions (WxDxH):
120 x 71 x 35.4 mm
Mac operating systems supported:
Mouse weight:

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