Belkin Wireless calculator keypad + Wireless mouse + Multi media control

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The Wireless USB Mini Keypad with calculator and wireless mouse is finished, improved productivity and smart solution for spreadsheet, accounting and financial applications that require fast and accurate entry of numeric data. The wireless technology provides a free of cables workspace. Additional to the calculator functionality, multi media applications can be controlled. The design is compact and lightweight and offers storage for the small USB receiver. This is the perfect solution for travelers and people on the move.

- Calculator - Data input - ideal for spreadsheet, accounting and financial applications.
- Wireless keypad - Perfect for travel, home and office.
- High precision Wireless mouse -For perfect navigation.
- Send result button - To send the result to your data application.
- One receiver - Requires only one shared USB receiver providing ultimate of flexibility.
- Multimedia control - Full control of multi media from the wireless keypad.
- Easy snap-on connector - To attach the receiver when not in use.

- 17 standard keys and 7 multimedia keys.
- 12 digit LCD screen.
- Operating Distance - 2m in normal environment.
Buttons quantity:
Device interface:
RF Wireless
Movement detection technology:
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 95/98/NT/Me/XP/2000

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