Wacom Intuos4 Art Pen (Option)

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Most designers know the classical felt marker – basically a high-value felt pen with an angled tip that enabled the designer to draw thick and fine strokes by simply turning the marker by 180° along its longitudinal axis.

With the new Art Pen, designers can enter the time capsule and get the good old marker feeling – with the advantages of the digital realm: This pen has – like its traditional counterpart – a broad, angled pen tip, which is made of either plastic or real felt. Additionally, the Art Pen is rotation-sensitive at 360°, so you can – if the software support rotation-sensitivity – change the width of your stroke by simply turning the pen′s barrel – like with a real felt marker. You also can substitute a calligraphic fountain-pen with your Art Pen…

Features & Benefits
-New Wacom Tip Sensor with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity.
-Programmable double-side switch.
-Tilt Sensitivity.
-Tool ID.
-Wacom pen technology.

Package contents
-Intuos4 Art Pen with standard art nibs.
-2 chisel-shaped standard nibs.
-2 chisel-shaped felt nibs.
-3 standard art nibs.
-3 felt art nibs.
Pressure levels:
Tilt angle:
-60 - 60°
Pen dimensions LxD:
156.3 x 15.5 mm
Pen weight:
20 g

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