4 Port StarView KVM Switch Kit with Audio

$111.00 (£59.04)
В наявності
A space-efficient, reliable and cost-effective KVM switch for call center, help desk and SOHO environments,'s SV411KA is the best way to control multiple computers using only one keyboard, monitor and mouse. A new feature adds audio to the mix, allowing you to share microphones and speakers between connected computers.
The SV411KA is a compact, ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution that comes complete with four thin 3-in-1 cables that reduce tangles and help organize your workspace better. Cable ports are located at the rear of the SV411KA providing easy, no-nonsense organization and less clutter. You can easily switch between PCs by pressing a button on the unit or by entering a simple keyboard hot-sequence.
The StarView prevents boot-up errors by providing keyboard and mouse emulation to the non-selected PC. Its super small footprint design, and high 1920x1440 resolution display capability make this switch perfect for any application where reliability and cost-effectiveness are a necessity.
I/O ports:
2 - 6 DIN Female \n1 - High Density DB15 Female \n4 - High Density DB15 Male \n2 x Stereo jack
Ports quantity:
Keyboard port type:
Mouse port type:
Number of computers controlled:
Video port type:
Maximum resolution:
1920 x 1440 pixels

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