IBM 1754A1X KVM switch

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The challenge of increasing rack and data center server densitiesrequires secure, efficient and scalable solutions to enable IT adminis-trators with a faster method to access equipment to meet SLAs andminimize downtime.The IBM1754A1X Local Console Manager (LCM 8) and 1754A2XIBMLocal Console Manager (LCM 16) are designed to reduce thesecomplexities with features that provide enhanced out-of-band localaccess, management, and security capabilities to IBMSystem x®andBladeCenter®environments.

Increase serviceability
IBM1754 KVM switches support virtual media capabilities, whichallow a single USB media, mass storage device or integrated opticaldrive in the 19" 1U Console kit (172319X) to be quickly switcheddirectly to any server connected to the switch using the IBMVirtualMedia Conversion Option Gen2 (VCO2). This can help improve serv-iceability and lower operational expenses by allowing the transfer ofdata to deploy, patch, recover or even boot multiple servers all fromone local console.

Enhance security
Two Factor Authentication (TFA) devices, such as Smart Card, or Common Access Card (CAC) readers, have quickly become an inte-gral part of organizations’ security standards and a requirement forsecure government data centers based on HSPD12 (PresidentialDirective 12). The 1754 LCM offerings support TFA devices providing a convenient single point of access, at the console tray, toauthenticate the connected servers. Centralized authentication willhelp prevent security breaches, simplify rack management, andimprove staff efficiencies. These solutions are also easily architectedusing the IBMVirtual Media Conversion Option Gen2 (VCO2)

Improve scalability
These rack dense 8- or 16-port 1U analog solutions also support theability to “daisy chain” up to 16systems off a single switch port whenused with existing UCO or KCOs and tier or cascade up to two levels.This allows the ability to manage up to 256servers connected to multi-ple switches from one local console.
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