HP KVM CAT5 3x1x16 IP Console Switch

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The HP Server Console switch integrates KVM and serial devices into a single management console for all your servers, network devices and infrastructure.

Requiring no software to be installed on the target servers the HP Server Console Switch provides a true KVM solution for local system management. Tiering support for the HP Server Console Switches and the previous generation of legacy Compaq KVM switches means that to 256 servers can be managed from a single KVM console. Utilizing CAT5 UTP cables between the switch and server, facilitates cable routing and allows for field termination of custom cable lengths. Integration with the HP IP Console switch ensures that the local KVM solution can be integrated smoothly and easily into a KVM/IP remote management solution. Serial support means that Linux, Unix base and network devices can be all be managed from a single console.

ntroducing firmware and hardware that provides support for attaching serial devices to the HP Server Console Switch and support for preemption when connected to an HP IP Console Switch.

What's new

- HP BladeSystems Cat5 KVM Interface Adapter allows KVM connections to individual HP BladeSystem BL Servers.
- Serial Interface Adapter that integrates devices that use a serial console into the KVM network
- Preemption support for remote users when connected to an HP IP Console Switch

Small and medium businesses

- Starting at just 8-Ports but expandable to support up to 256 Servers the HP Server Console switch will support a growing environment
- Maximize productivity with the clear, intuitive on-screen display to enable a busy server administrator to manage multiple servers easily and quickly
- Cost effective KVM solution that will grow and integrate with remote management solutions as required

Enterprise datacenters

- Scaleable to 256 servers, the HP Server Console Switch provides the cost-effective KVM solution needed in a managed datacenter
- Integration with iLO and the HP IP Console Switch ensures that the local KVM user and remote manager work smoothly together
- Serial, PS/2, USB, and BladeSystem Interface Adapters to integrate all of your servers and devices into a single KVM infrastructure
- CAT5 KVM cabling means minimal cabling in the back of the rack to ensure clean airflow and maximum cooling for today's dense datacenters
Rack mounting:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
178 x 117 x 44 mm
Maximum supported servers:
Ports quantity:
Keyboard port type:
Mouse port type:
Number of computers controlled:
Video port type:
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