C2G Minicom Cat5 Audio and Video Display Broadcaster

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The Minicom Audio Video Display Broadcaster is one component of a complete Audio Video Display System; the other components are: Minicom Cat5 Audio Video Display Remote #29098, and Minicom Cat5 Audio Video Display Line Splitter #29669.

The Cat5 Audio Video Display System (AVDS) broadcasts high-resolution computer video and audio over Cat5 cable to multiple display stations in real time. Now you can broadcast any video content you want directly to the public. In addition, the system's standard Cat5 cabling lets you place the remote display stations up to 360ft (110m) away from the source.

On-line Maintenance
The AVDS provides the option of darkening all remote monitors to allow discreet, online maintenance at any time.

Classroom Presentation
The AVDS is also a powerful presentation tool in computer classrooms and training environments and a great alternative to expensive projectors. In the classroom, the AVDS can perform two important training functions with a simple 2-button controller: send a teacher's screen to all remote monitors or darken all remote monitors to gain students' undivided attention.
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355.6 x 254 x 76.2 mm
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