C2G 50122 KVM switch

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The Smart 116 KVM system consists of this switch with a USB ROC (#50121) or PS/2 ROC (#50123) for each computer connected to the switch. The Smart 116 IP gives a system administrator secure, BIOS-level access and control to a rack up to 16 servers, either remotely or locally. Features local analog access to multiple servers at the rack. The space-saving, rackmountable, 1U-sized switch features innovative ROC (RICC on Cable) dongle technology that directly connects the Smart 116 IP to each server in the rack, and thus eliminates cable clutter to provide 30m (98 feet) of range between the server and switch.

Used for single racks or bigger applications such as globally distributed servers or data centers, the Smart 116 IP can be managed seamlessly under Minicom's KVM.net centralized management system. This makes it the ideal solution for forward-looking corporations requiring a versatile, high-performance KVM switch today, and centralized management tomorrow.

The industry's most secure encryption, using 128 bit SSL protocol, guards your corporate data through every kind of remote access, to efficiently prevent hacking and security breaches. As an out-of-band solution, the Smart 116 IP lets you connect directly to servers at the BIOS-level and gives access and control over mixed and multiple platforms, including PS/2 and USB devices.
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