Belkin SOHO KVM Switch, VGA & USB 2 ports

$259.00 (259.00)
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With Belkin's newly redesigned SOHO KVM Switch, you can share your monitor, keyboard, and mouse with up to four USB computers. You can also connect one set of speakers and use them for all your computers.

The SOHO KVM Switch helps to increase your efficiency and productivity at home or in the office by reducing desktop clutter while keeping access to all of your programs and files spread across multiple computers.

*Belkin SOHO KVM Cables now come included in the box with your KVM Switch!


-Switches easily between Mac® computers and PCs.
-Front-panel buttons with NEW LED indicator lights allow you access audio and video content from multiple computers simultaneously.
-Requires no software for installation.
-Now includes a built-in USB 2.0 hub for connecting your peripherals.
-Included cables are color-coded to match the front buttons and back panel for trouble-free installation.
-Now supports hot-key functionality for optional switching.
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