Belkin OmniView™ Sun Adapter

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Is the OmniView™ or OmniCube™ KVM switch perfect for you, but your workstations are Sun systems? Don’t sweat it; Belkin’s got it all taken care. With an OmniView™ Sun adapter you’ll be using our OmniView™ KVM switches in a jiffy!
Convert standard Sun workstation keyboard, mouse and video signals into PS/2 keyboard, mouse, and VGA video allowing Sun users to use the Belkin OmniView™, OmniView™ PRO, OmniView™ SE, or OmniCube™ KVM switches.

Advantages :

• Adds Sun platform capabilities to your OmniView™ switch setup.

• Maps all Sun keys to PS/2 keyboard keys and adds menu to the right mouse button.

• No electricity required, so you don’t have to worry about using another outlet.

• No software installation needed, just plug your cables into the adapter and use.

• One adapter is required to connect a Sun workstation to an OmniView™.

• Sun adapter converts DIN 8 Sun keyboard/mouse signals and 13W3 video to standard PS/2 protocol and standard VGA video.

• Package includes OmniView™ Sun Adapter, 6 ft mini-DIN 8 cable, 6 ft 13W3 video cable, user manual and registration card.

• PLEASE NOTE: This device only works in combination with video terminals which are VGA and SVGA compatible.

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