Belkin OmniView Secure 8-Port KVM Switch

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Protect computers with highly sensitive data with a NIAP-validated USB KVM Switch. Designed specifically for secure military and government installations, the OmniView Secure KVM Switch lets you control multiple USB computers from a single USB console. This product ensures the integrity of your data by safely switching among secure and unsecured computers. The Switch features a dedicated processor per computer port to keep each computer separate and secure at all times, and prevent data transfer among them. The OmniView Secure KVM Switch is NIAP Common Criteria validated to EAL 4.

-NIAP Common Criteria validated to EAL 4.
-Prevents data transfer between secure and unsecured computers.
-Features no hot keys or OSD to prevent data from being stored on KVM Switch.
-Non-reprogrammable firmware prevents tampering with KVM logic.
-Provides full support for USB computers, keyboards, and mice.
-Rugged, metal enclosure provides stability and allows Switch to be placed beneath monitor or other desk item.
-Compact design allows for desktop or 1U rack-mountable installation.
-Dedicated port selectors allow you to switch easily from one computer to the next.
-LED indicators provide easy identification of which computer is being accessed.
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1920 x 1440 pixels

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