Wacom PenPartner PenPartner2

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Your stylish notebook companion
PenPartner2 will impress with its stunning looks, whether at home or on the move. PenPartner2 effortlessly adapts to any situation, be it in your local coffee bar, on an airplane or at a conference centre. Thanks to its cordless and battery-free design, PenPartner2 always provides peak performance. Delicate situations such as aircraft tables, spilt drops of coffee, and breadcrumbs will no longer pose a problem. The robust and high quality tablet surface makes light work of any job.

Enhanced productivity in Office programmes
Simply move the pen over the tablet's active surface, measuring little more than a business card, to obtain quick and easy access to all programmes, files and functions. Handwritten notes can be inserted effortlessly into Microsoft Office documents using the bundled software ‘JustWrite Office’.
- Give your E-mails that personal touch by signing them, just as you would a traditional letter.
- Bring a new lease of life to your PowerPoint presentations by adding notes, formulas or small illustrations. Annotations or feedback can even be inserted during live presentation.

Precision and ergonomics
PenPartner2 allows you to work ergonomically with your notebook and is also faster and more precise than a notebook’s traditional in-built touchpad. The ultra lightweight pen, weighing in at just 10 grams, together with its natural handling combine to ensure an extremely ergonomic workflow with your notebook.

Penabled technology
Penabled stands for Wacom’s patented cordless and battery-free pen technology. All devices displaying the Penabled logo feature the same exceptional product quality, reliability and technology, created by a unique blend of innovation, flexibility and usability. Thanks to these features, the majority of well-known manufacturers also use Wacom’s Penabled technology.
Mouse included:
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP
Dimensions (WxDxH):
146 x 150.6 x 8.5 mm
Minimum system requirements:
SVGA (800x600)\nUSB\nCD-ROM
Tablet included:
Bundled software:
JustWrite Office
Pen included:
Pressure levels:
Report rate (pen):
100 pps
Cable length:
0.6 m
Power consumption (typical):
0.2 W
USB powered:
Minimum processor:
200 Mhz
Minimum RAM:
64 MB
Connectivity technology:
Working area:
81.2 x 58 mm
I/O ports:
Tablet weight:
160 g