Wacom Cintiq 21 UXGA (1.600 x 1.200 pixels), LCD

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Natural, intuitive working
Design naturally on the display itself as you would do with a pen on paper. Use your applications intuitively thanks to the optimal hand-eye-coordination. And simulate various conventional working techniques with the ergonomic Cintiq Grip Pen and its replacable nibs as well as the unique Cintiq Airbrush.

More efficiency and productivity
-In order to increase your efficiency, the Cintiq 21UX features the new ExpressKeys and Touch Strips which allows you to reduce keyboard usage and to concentrate on the Cintiq as you main working tool.

The ExpressKeys have the most important menu commands already preset, but are freely programmable by yourself. The Touch Strip is perfect to scroll and zoom in your documents. Both programmable elements are located on each side of the display to suit both left- and right-handers equally.

To cut a long story short: The interaction between pens, ExpressKeys and Touch Strip minimises keyboard usage, accelerates your workflow and enhances your efficiency and productivity.

100% compatible with the Intuos3
If you are already using Wacom's pen tablet system Intuos3, you can effectively cut cost by using the same pens on both devices, and Cintiq users will benefit from future Intuos3 pen developments. Additionally, Cintiq users can now take advantage of all Intuos features such as tilt and rotation-sensitivty, Tool ID and the fingerwheel of the Airbrush.

Wacom pen technology
Wacom's patented cordless and battery-free pen technology: All devices feature the same exceptional product quality, reliability and technology, created by a unique blend of innovation, flexibility and usability. Thanks to these features, the majority of well-known manufacturers also use Wacom's pen technology.

Don't look any futher for the perfect tool for your digital tasks - with Cintiq 21UX you can work more intutively, productively and effectively than ever before in front of the screen.

-Perfect hand-eye-coordination
-21.3" diagonal LCD screen
-0% compatible with the Intuos3 pen tablet system
-Smooth inclination from 10° to 60°
-Rotation +/-180°
-Touch Strip
-Ergonomic Grip Pen with rubberized grip area
-Freely programmable double-side switches
-Pressure sensitive eraser
-Pressure sensitive pen-tip with 1,024pressure levels
-USB or serial interface
-VGA and DVI video interface
Mouse included:
Compatible operating systems:
-Windows 2000 and XP\n-MacOS X 10.2.6
Dimensions (WxDxH):
535 x 418 x 48 mm
Minimum system requirements:
Tablet included:
Pen included:
Pressure levels:
USB powered:
Mac operating systems supported:
Connectivity technology:
Device interface:
Maximum reading height:
5 mm
5080 lpi
Working area:
432 x 324 mm
I/O ports:
Tablet weight:
10.2 kg

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