Kensington K39383US

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Designed with Android tablets in mind the Kensington KeyFolio™ Pro Universal, with removable Bluetooth® keyboard is easy to setup and use with any 10" tablet. The removable touch-typist friendly keyboard provides optimal flexibility for ergonomic set-up on any flat surface. The 7 position stand offers viewing angles from 70 degrees to 22 degrees. A professional black dual-textured case protects against damage, folds... flat and secures with an elasticized band. And the simple to use custom corners secure your tablet in place.

- Adjustable stand with 7 individual notched positions for 70 degree to 22 degree angles of viewing
- Elasticized band secures case and holds flat when stored
- High performance removable Bluetooth performance keyboard for personalized ergonomic set-up
- Optimized for use with Android based tablets (such as: Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, Asus Eepad, and more)
- Professional black dual textured case protects against damage and wear
- Two sets of simple to use StrongFit custom corners provides secure and custom fit for large and small tablets
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Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, Asus Eepad, and more

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