Kensington Virtuoso™ Touch Stylus & Pen

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Bring the creativity and accuracy of freehand to your iPad® with the Virtuoso™ Touch Screen Stylus and Pen. When combined with Apps such as SketchBook, iAnnotate and Penultimate, Virtuoso™ allows you to create, annotate and capture your ideas with a smooth touch tip. And the built-in ballpoint pen also offers a comfortable grip.

- Parker ball pen refill**
- Create, annotate and capture your ideas on iPad with a smooth touch tip**
- Functions as both an iPad stylus and a ballpoint pen
- Comfort grip barrel is soft and durable for everyday use *
- Capacitive design maximises control sensitivity
- Black ballpoint pen
- Alternative and matching colour accessories available in the Kensington range
- Stylish silver finish
- Silicon soft tip glides smoothly across the iPad screen and provides more accuracy than a sponge tip*
Colour of product:
Stainless steel

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