Switcheasy VisionClip2

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Featuring our traditional Peek-a-boo case design, your display screen will disappear into thin air when the iPhone is inactive. Our specifically designed tinted polycarbonate casing allows the user to see time and incoming call information without having to remove the iPhone from the holster.

Easy On Easy Off
By utilizing both soft and hard materials VisionClip2 is engineered to hold your iPhone securely, and with its unique clip on/off design, we offer the easiest release and install mechanism on the market. Have some iPhone quickdraw fun!

Twist and Shout
VisionClip2 has a 180 degree rotation clip. With this feature, you can twist and rotate your clip with your CapsuleRebel™ / CapsuleNeo™ case at any position to suit your needs.

Reverse the fashion
With VisionClip2's reverse clip design your screen is always protected, but its also a great way to display your awesome CapsuleRebel or CapsuleNeo.
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iPhone 3G

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