Philips ActionSleeve DLV65110

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Workout with your MP3 player
in a case with removable armband

Great for working out or daily use, this padded neoprene case protects your MP3 player against shocks and the elements, and comes with fully adjustable armband. Easily remove the armband to carry and secure your player on your bag strap.

Active protection
- Padded neoprene case for soft yet strong protection
- Neoprene protects against sweat

Versatile positioning
- Adjustable sport-ready armband
- Use the case with or without the included armband

Universal design
- Fits devices up to 92 mm x 42 mm
Colour of product:
Package depth:
3.18 cm
Package height:
20.3 cm
Package width:
13.9 cm
Gross weight inner carton:
0.605 kg
Gross weight of outer carton:
4.7 kg
Height (cm) inner carton:
13.97 cm
Height (cm) outer carton:
30.5 cm
Length (cm) inner carton:
22.225 cm
Length (cm) outer carton:
43 cm
Net weight inner carton:
0.318 kg
Net weight of outer carton:
1.908 kg
Package weight:
0.101 kg
Packaging net weight:
0.053 kg
Packaging tare weight:
0.048 kg
Quantity inner carton:
6 pc(s)
Quantity outer carton:
36 pc(s)
Tare weight inner carton:
0.287 kg
Tare weight outer carton:
2.792 kg
Width (cm) inner carton:
20.32 cm
Width (cm) outer carton:
38 cm