Kensington BungeeAir™ Power Wireless Security Tether™ & Battery for iPhone

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BungeeAir Power Wireless Security Tether for iPhone
BungeeAir™ Power is the essential 3-in-1 accessory for your iPhone 4 with a wireless security tether, battery and case. Just attach the BungeeAir fob to your keys or purse and never lose or forget your iPhone again. When you and your phone are separated, the iPhone screen locks automatically and sends an alert to the BungeeAir fob. A convenient app lets you customize security settings and also find your misplaced keys and fob.

- Extended talk time listed based on iPhone 4. As your Kensington PowerGuard is used over time, it will have a reduced ability to provide extended time and the time will decrease from that shown above
- Battery chemistry: Lithium Polymer
- BungeeAir features:
- Creates a wireless tether between your iPhone and your BungeeAir fob (adjust range in App)
- Find feature: Use your iPhone to find your fob, use your fob to find your iPhone
- Free BungeeAir App gives you control of the wireless security tether functionality and settings
- Input/Output: 5 VDC at 0.5 A
- Insert the provided card stand and the two-position stand holds your iPhone 4 handsfree in portrait or landscape mode
- Interferance free 2.4GHz technology is ideal for offices
- LED battery indicator
- Micro USB charge and sync port (charge and sync cable included)
- Portable BungeeAir fob attaches to your keys, handbag and more
- Power case features:
- Power case provides the power you need to enjoy multitasking between Apps, FaceTime calling and more
- Rechargeable power case adds 4 hours of extra talk, 5 hours of video, 22 hours of music*
- Remind feature: BungeeAir fob alarms when iPhone is out of range to prevent loss
- Secure feature: Automatically locks your iPhone when left unattended
- Works with iPhone 4. iPhone not included
Battery technology:
Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Colour of product:
Input current:
500 mA
Input voltage:
Output current:
500 mA
Output voltage:
5 V
iPhone 4/4S
LED indicators:
Mobile device type:
Mobile phone/smartphone
USB port: