Belkin F5L089tt

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This Stand was Made for Lounging

Your Tablet, Your Way

Relax in bed or on the couch with the innovative tablet stand that’s stable even on soft surfaces. This versatile stand is perfect for lounging anywhere. The weighted beanbag base molds to any surface, and the grippable texture keeps your tablet in place.

Versatile Viewing

View your iPad 2 from any angle by easily adjusting the beanbag base. With landscape or portrait viewing and a flat surface for typing, it’s the ultimate tablet experience.

- Beanbag base adjusts to uneven surfaces
- Grippable texture for a stable hold on surfaces
- Can use with or without a case
- Flat surface for typing
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Compatible products:
iPad (Original)\niPad 2\niPad 3rd gen\niPhone (Original)
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