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Receive Instant Messages Anytime, Anyplace
- Impressive Message Functions.
- Fast Transfer Speeds.
- Comprehensive Business Functions.
- Plentiful Entertainment Functions.

ASUS M530w Provides Efficient Business Communications
In order to provide business users with the mobility and the versatility of a mobile office, ASUS has designed the new ASUS M530w Smart Phone. Packed with innovative features, the ASUS M530w allows users to send and receive messages instantly anywhere – providing vital information for users to make important and informed business decisions.

Impressive Message Functions
The ASUS M530w supports Push E-mail and can simultaneously receive mails from the user´s office Outlook mail server. It can also update their organizers and communications records for easier data management. These important features will ensure that users will never miss any important information and be able to quickly reply to work requirements – enhancing their work productivity even if they are not in the office, or caught in a meeting.

Another useful mail function of the ASUS M530w is its support for various Mail Server systems (POP3, IMAP4, Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry4.0). Even if the user goes abroad, different mail servers will not hinder them from being connected and updated with work mails - allowing them to work more efficiently. Additionally, the QWERTY keypad is identical to the computer keyboard counterpart – allowing users who are more accustomed to English to conveniently type in their messages for smoother communications.

Fast Transfer Speeds
The ASUS M530w is equipped with high-speed transfer capabilities to provide users with a host of multimedia benefits. With the 3G Video Phone, users can talk to anyone face to face, and 3G broadband makes downloading music, MV and other video and music programs a breeze. It is also able to utilize wireless connections via 802.11 b/g for high speed data transfers for total mobility. In addition, built-in Bluetooth technology seamlessly interfaces with other Bluetooth devices and provides freedom of movement without the hassle of wires.

Comprehensive Business Functions
The built-in Business Card Recognition feature allows users to use the ASUS M530w´s 2.0 Mega Pixel Auto-Macro camera to capture the details of a business card and avoid tediously keying in the data into the contacts book. With the integrated Windows Mobile 6 Standard operating system´s ActiveSync, users can easily transfer data from the phone to a server. In the event that the phone is lost, users will still be able to retain the account number and transfer stored data into another phone – saving the hassle of reinstalling or re-keying in data. The M530w´s built-in ClearVue document viewer can read Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents - transforming the phone into an individual mobile office.

Plentiful Entertainment Functions
The ASUS M530´s built-in Windows Live Messenger gives users the opportunity to sign in anywhere, anytime providing easy chat options to users wherever they are. The integrated 2.0 Mega Pixel Auto-Macro camera is equipped with a powerful flash and strong close-up shot ability for the capturing of vivid photos for life´s memorable moments. Furthermore, the Windows Media Player application can support full screen movies and music broadcasts, and the two built-in brain teaser games allows users to exercise their brain cells through nifty gameplay.
Audio formats supported:
AAC, Midi, MP3, WMA
Built-in camera:
2 MP
Phone camera type:
Bluetooth version:
Flash memory:
256 MB
Internal memory:
64 MB
Internal memory type:
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service):
Networking features:
Operating frequency:
900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
WLAN 802.11b/g, USB 1.1
Battery capacity:
1200 mAh
Battery technology:
Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Standby time:
Talk time:
Built-in processor:
Marvell PXA270
Processor frequency:
416 MHz
Barcode reader:
Colour of product:
Keyboard layout:
Phone function:
RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) reader:
6.5 cm
1.38 cm
11.7 cm