Sony PRS-600

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Reader Touch Edition™ featuring 6" touchscreen display, English & French interface and thin, lightweight design.

Thinner, smaller and lighter than most magazines, the Reader Touch Edition™ lets you access up to 350 (or more with memory expansion card slots) of your favorite books from anywhere. The intuitive 6" touchscreen display makes navigation a breeze, letting you turn pages with the swipe of a finger. An included stylus offers freehand highlighting and annotation. With support for multiple file formats including ePub and PDF, you can enjoy books from more places, including The eBook Store from Sony and over half a million free public domain titles from Google.

Elegant 6" Touch Screen
The Reader Touch Edition™ features a 6” display with simple, easy-to-use touchscreen navigation. Turn pages with the swipe of a finger and enjoy fast and intuitive navigation of your favorite books.
Thin, light, highly portable design

Whether you’re venturing across town or across the country, the Reader Touch Edition™ makes an ideal travelling companion. Measuring just 0.4” thin and weighing less than 10.1 ounces, the Reader Touch Edition is thinner and more lightweight than almost any book, and even many magazines.

Read in multiple formats, including ePub and PDF
The Reader Touch Edition™ supports Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, BBeB® Book and other text file formats, as well as ePub/ACS4 and connection with Adobe Digital Editions4. You can even play back unsecured MP3 and AAC audio files (headphones required and sold separately).
Paper-like display for easy, natural reading

The Reader Touch Edition™ utilizes E Ink® Vizplex screen technology to deliver an amazing, paper-like display that’s more like ink on paper and fully readable in direct sunlight.
Quick page turns and high contrast ratio

Quick page turns let you read at a natural pace, while a high contrast ratio helps ensure your favorite books are easily readable, even in direct sunlight.
Intuitive eBook Library software for PC and Mac

eBook Library 3.0 software makes it easy to download eBooks, manage your collection, and transfer titles to your Reader Touch Edition™. eBook Library 3.0 software works with both PC and Mac.
Audio formats supported:
Document formats supported:
bbeb, pdf, rtf
Image formats supported:
Compatible operating systems:
Windows XP/ Vista/ MCE\nMac OS 10.4.11/10.5.6
Dimensions (WxDxH):
122 x 10 x 175 mm
Interface type:
USB 2.0
Battery life (max):
Battery technology:
Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery voltage:
DC 5.2/3.7 V
Minimum hard disk space:
20 MB
Minimum processor:
800 MHz
Minimum RAM:
512 MB

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