Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

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Maximum everything. Energy-efficient performance. Multimedia power.
Based on revolutionary Intel Core microarchitecture, the breakthrough Intel Core 2 Duo processor family is designed to provide powerful energy-efficient performance so you can do more at once without slowing down.
With 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processors, you'll experience revolutionary performance, unbelievable system responsiveness, and energy-efficiency second to none. And, you won't have to slow down for virus scan, multiple compute intensive programs, or home video editing—these desktop processors include Intel HD Boost and are up to 70 percent faster when processing high-definition memories with your HD video camera.

Delivering the best overall performance. Period.
Now the best gets even better with Intel's latest Core 2 Duo processors built using Intel's 45nm technology, using hafnium-infused circuitry to bring you the latest arsenal of performance-rich technologies. These amazing new processors include up to 6 MB of shared L2 cache, up to 1333 MHz front side bus for desktop, and up to 800 MHz front side bus for laptop. You've got the future of computing now, and only from Intel:

- Intel Wide Dynamic Execution, enabling delivery of more instructions per clock cycle to improve execution time and energy efficiency
- Intel Intelligent Power Capability, designed to deliver more energy-efficient performance and smarter battery performance in your laptop
- Intel Smart Memory Access, improving system performance by optimizing the use of the available data bandwidth
- Intel Advanced Smart Cache, providing a higher-performance, more efficient cache subsystem. Optimized for multi-core and dual-core processors
- Intel Advanced Digital Media Boost, accelerating a broad range of applications, including video, speech and image, photo processing, encryption, financial, engineering and scientific applications. Now improved even further on 45nm versions with Intel HD Boost utilizing new SSE4 instructions for even better multimedia performance

Big, big performance. More energy efficient. Now available in smaller packages.
The Intel Core 2 Duo processor-based desktop PC was designed from the ground up for energy efficiency, letting you enjoy higher performing, ultra-quiet, sleek, and low power desktop PC designs.
Multitask with reckless abandon.
Do more at the same time, like playing your favorite music, running virus scan in the background, and all while you edit video or pictures. The powerful Intel Core 2 Duo desktop processor PCs provides you with the speed you need to perform any and all tasks imaginable.
Love your PC again.
Don't settle for anything less than the very best. Find your perfect desktop powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and get the best processing technology money can buy. Only from Intel.
Discover, heal, and protect your business.
The best Intel-based desktops for business deliver the next stage in IT security & management with hardware-based proactive security and enhanced maintenance and management technologies, plus exceptional performance and energy efficiency to provide Intel's optimal foundation to power Microsoft Windows Vista.
Processor code:
Thermal Design Power (TDP):
65 W
VID Voltage Range:
0.85 - 1.5 V
CPU multiplier (bus/core ratio):
L2 cache speed:
Processor cache:
4 MB
Processor cache type:
Processor cores:
Processor family:
Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor frequency:
2.66 GHz
Processor front side bus:
1333 MHz
Processor lithography:
65 nm
Processor socket:
Socket T (LGA 775)

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