IBM Dual Core AMD Opteron Processor Model 2210 HE

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AMD Opteron processor gives companies a whole new way of doing business.

The processor is based on AMD 64 technology - an innovative technology that allows IT professionals to run 32 and 64 bit applications simultaneously.

This means that organizations can grow into 64 bit computing without sacrificing their existing IT investments.With its Direct Connect Architecture, the AMD Opteron processor helps eliminate the real challenges and bottlenecks of system architectures because everything is directly connected to the CPU.

Direct Connect Architecture delivers the best 2P and 4P architecture for x86 computing, resulting in the best performance-per-watt in the market.

It's the ideal performance boost for the working environments of today and tomorrow.Dual-core AMD Opteron processor extends AMD's Direct Connect Architecture by connecting two CPUs on one die, improving overall system performance and efficiency.
Processor cache:
4 MB
Processor cache type:
Processor family:
AMD Opteron
Processor frequency:
1.8 GHz
Processor operating modes:
Processor socket:
Socket F (1207)

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