IBM 2.5GHz 512KB L2 1MB L3 Cache Xeon MP processor

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The new Intel Xeon processor for servers and workstations exhibits innovative technologies e.g. the Intel Netburst micro architecture and Hyper-Threading technology. It offers an outstanding platform achievement, a largest reliability as well as a good cost-performance ratio and versatility and can power reserves available in such a way both for the current and the server and workstation platforms of the future make. Due to important the platform improvements, the required achievement and the good cost-performance ratio now the time came, in order to rig older systems and to thus expand the competition advantage for your enterprise.
Component for:
Processor cache:
0.512, 1
Processor cache type:
Processor family:
Intel Xeon
Processor frequency:
2.5 GHz
Processor model:

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