ZyXEL PLA-407 Starterkit

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Powerline Ethernet Adapter with Extra Plug for Convenient HD Video Streaming
- Plug-and-play Design for Quick Boost of Data Transfer Rates of Up to 200 Mbps
- Connects to Powerline Networks and Provides Power with Extra Power Outlet
- Built-in Noise Filter for Reducing Power Interference
- QoS Supports High-Definition Video Streaming and Network Applications
- Power-saving Mode Saves Energy Consumption
- Encrypt Button for Easy Network Security Setup
- Multi-color LED Identifies Powerline Network Performance

Easy Setup and High Performance for HD Video Streaming
The powerline solution simplifies network setup by turning the existing power lines into a high-speed network. Just plug a PLA-407 with Ethernet link to a broadband modem into the power outlet in one room, and plug another with link to a PC or any devices requiring Ethernet connection in the other rooms, you can easily and instantly connect to the network without laying complicated wiring at home. With advanced HomePlug AV technology and data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps*, the PLA-407 provides users with stable and high-speed network environments to enjoy HD video streaming and sharing.

Extra Power Outlet Brings More Convenience
With the AC pass-through design, the PLA-407 provides both powerline network connection and power supply to multiple electrical devices at the same time.The PLA-407 enables users to easily get Internet access without the inconvenience of insufficient power outlets. For children safety, the power outlet has been designed to avoid electrical shocks caused by children inserting foreign objects into the receptacles.

Built-in Noise Filter for Reducing Power Interference
With a built-in noise filter, the PLA-407 can suppress noise interference level down to 1/1000 and optimize powerline communication performance. The noise filter can effectively reduce noises generated by surrounding electronic equipments such as dryers, vacuum cleaners, lamps or mobile phone chargers plugged into the power outlets and ensure clean and stable signal quality on the powerline network.

QoS for High-definition Video Streams
Inherent advanced QoS improves the quality of multimedia services like high-definition video streaming, data transmission and VoIP by prioritizing the applications. QoS provides users with high voice communication quality while other network applications are being intensively used.

Green Product Saves Energy
To save on electricity bills and better protect the environment, the PLA-407 consumes less power without compromising performance. With the new-generation green solution, the PLA-407 decreases power consumption by up to 30% comparing to the previous generation of powerline Ethernet adapters. Furthermore, the PLA-407 reduces power consumption by up to 60% with Power-saving Mode when the link has become inactive.

Encrypt Button for Easy Network Security Setup
Users can easily set up a secure connection between the PLA-407 and other HomePlug AV products within minutes. Just push the Encryption button, the security setup of the powerline network is done instantly. With the 128-bit Data Encryption Security feature, the PLA-407 provides a secure network connection for Internet access and network resource sharing without complicated setup procedures.
Frequency range:
2 - 30 GHz
Data transfer rate (max):
200 Mbit/s
Electromagnetic compatibility:
Maximum operating distance:
500 m
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
20 - 90%
Operating temperature (T-T):
0 - 40 °C
Storage relative humidity (H-H):
20 - 95%
Storage temperature (T-T):
-20 - 70 °C
Compliance industry standards:
IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, HomePlug AV1.1
Link/Act LED:
Package dimensions (WxDxH):
178 x 94 x 134 mm
Power requirements:
100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Quick start guide:
Security algorithms:
128-bit AES
Connectivity technology:
Host interface:
I/O ports:
1x 10/100Mbps
3.5 cm
13.8 cm
Package weight:
470 g
187 g
6.6 cm

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