ZyXEL M-102 802.11a/b/g Wireless Client

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MIMO and Smart Antenna Technology
Mobile users who demand the best performance with their network devices look no more! The ZyXEL MIMO adapters are the perfect solution capturing both increased range and throughput speeds for wireless network communications. Smart Antenna MIMO (Multiple Input; Multiple Output) technology gives the ZyXEL MIMO adapters up to 8x better performance than other standard IEEE802.11b/g Wi-Fi devices. Home and SOHO users can enjoy the fact that the ZyXEL MIMO adapters can turn traditional "dead-zones" into potential "hot-zones". Backwards compatible with any IEEE802.11b/g Wi-Fi device, the ZyXEL MIMO adapters can potentially increase the range and throughput in any wireless network scenario.

WPA Wireless Security
Security is always an issue whenever wireless networking is in your equation. The ZyXEL MIMO adapters use the most advanced security protocols in WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Setup is a breeze and with one of the strongest encryption methods in WPA-PSK (Pre-shared Key) gives you peace of mind. SMB and Enterprise users can utilize IEEE802.1x support built right into the ZyXEL MIMO adapters for authentication purposes. When maximum security, speed, and range are a necessity, the ZyXEL MIMO adapters are the perfect wireless communication solution.

Wireless Mobility with Roaming
Use the ZyXEL Utility to set up your wireless network connection with simple mouse clicks. Once set up, you can move freely between access points without disrupting your connection, giving you seamless wireless mobility in the network.
Data transfer rate (max):
108 Mbit/s
Full duplex:
Frequency band:
2.4G - 2.4845
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
10 - 70%
Operating temperature (T-T):
0 - 40 °C
Compliance industry standards:
IEEE 802.11g
Indoor range:
Outdoor range:
Connectivity technology:
Host interface:
11.5 cm
6 mm
40 g
5.38 cm

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