Acer TC.33100.031 memory module

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DDR3 Memory
Acer offers powerful DDR3 memory with full compatibility and ample bandwidth for Acer servers supporting virtualization applications, database management, transaction processing and more. DDR3 memory delivers high server performance with less power consumption, even for applications requiring large amounts of memory. Acer offers registered DDR3 DIMMs with error correction for reliability and performance, plus unbuffered DIMMs for a balanced price-to-performance ratio.

Optimal Reliability
Acer validates DDR3 memory, ensuring it supports AMD and Intel® platforms even for the most data-intensive applications and business-critical, 24/7 transactions. Acer’s extensive compatibility testing optimizes performance and reliability to make sure system reliability is maintained at the highest level.

More Capacity and Lower Power Consumption
DDR3 increases overall performance and memory capacity with higher efficiency per watt and better data throughput. DDR3 outperforms DDR2 memory and consumes less power (1.5V vs. 1.8V).

Better Performance
DDR3 memory provides twice the bandwidth of DDR2, with data-transfer rates up to 1.6 GB/s and beyond. This enables improved visuals for the latest graphics-intensive applications.
Internal memory:
4 GB
Internal memory type:
Memory clock speed:
1333 MHz
Memory form factor:
240-pin DIMM
Memory layout (modules x size):
1 x 4 GB

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