Acer TC.32700.064 hard disk drive

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Acer Hard Disk Drives deliver top reliability, flexibility, performance and technologies to enterprise customers. Offering both 2.5" and 3.5" form factors in three drive types—SATA, SAS and SSD—Acer servers with certified HDDs will protect your information assets.

3.5" SATA II (Serial ATA) drives (7,200rpm)
offer the most gigabytes per dollar, use less power and provide a greater maximum capacity compared to enterprise SAS/SATA drives. These drives are ideal for large data centers, web service providers, and businesses requiring huge amounts of storage with limited budget and power allotment.
Hard drive capacity:
1000 GB
Hard drive interface:
Serial ATA II
Hard drive size:
Hard drive speed:
7200 RPM
AR320 F1\nAT310 F1\nAR585 F1\nAR160 F1\nAR180 F1\nAW2000h w/ AW175hx F1\nAR380 F1\nAW2000h w/ AW170hx F1\nAN1600 F1
Data transfer rate:
3 Gbit/s
Hot-Plug support:

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