Point of View R-VGA150920N-2 GeForce GTX 275 1.75GB graphics card

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Gaming that shakes you to the core
With more gaming horsepower than ever before, the GeForce 200 Series GPU’s processing cores make games feel like the real thing. Its powerful NVIDIA PhysX™ technology creates rich, immersive physical effects with stunningly accurate realism. Experience absolute immersion and a 50% pure performance boost than prior generation GPUs with the GeForce 200 Series GPU.

The power to take you beyond
Beyond the field of play, GeForce 200 Series graphics cards seamlessly shifts tasks from the CPU to the GPU, allowing you to dive into the latest Blu-ray movie, surf the web in 3D, or transcode video to a personal video player up to 7x faster than traditional CPUs. Now you can work and play at full speed.

Key features:
- Graphics Processing Unit: GeForce GTX275 GPU Core.
- Graphics core speed: 576 MHz.
- Memory: 1792MB DDR2.
- Memory Speed: 1998 MHz.
- Memory bus: 896 bit.
- Shader clock: 1242 MHz.
Cooling type:
Discrete graphics adapter memory:
1.75 GB
Graphics adapter memory type:
Memory bus:
896 bit
Memory clock speed:
1998 MHz
Mac compatibility:
DirectX version:
DVI port:
DVI-I ports quantity:
HDMI ports quantity:
I/O ports:
1x PCI-E 6-pins +1x PCI-E 8-pins
Interface type:
PCI Express 2.0
Graphics processor:
GeForce GTX 275
Maximum resolution:
2560 x 1600 pixels
Processor frequency:
576 MHz
Shader clock:
1242 MHz
Stream processors:

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