ASUS 90-C1CL55-L0UAY00Z 1GB graphics card

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Enjoy the Best Multimedia Playback and up to 7°C Lower Temperatures with ASUS EAH4800 Series

The unparalleled large onboard memory size is specially designed for feature-rich DirectX 10 gaming, and the best multimedia playback at ultra-high resolutions and maximum quality settings. Additionally, the ASUS EAH4870 TOP and EAH4850 TOP will be released soon with impressive performance results to provide superb gaming performances. Every ASUS EAH4800 Series graphics card will also soon be equipped with the Glaciator Fansink – a uniquely designed cooling solution that will keep GPU temperatures up to 7ºC cooler than reference designed boards.

Unprecedented 1GB Onboard Memory for Ultimate Graphics
Memory size is very important for performance, as even a powerful GPU can suffer from bottlenecks due to slow and insufficient video memory. The more memory installed on a video card, the more data it can store – thus eliminating the need to access PC RAM and providing faster graphical performance. With most current and upcoming games requiring increasingly high video memory requirements, the ASUS EAH4850/HTDI/1G, with its unprecedented 1GB of built-in memory, will provide greatly enhanced performances, and allow users to fully enjoy games or movies without lag or stuttering even at very high resolutions and maximum quality settings.

Up to 7ºC Cooler with Exclusive Glaciator Fansink
The ASUS EAH4800 Series utilizes the specially designed Glaciator Fansink that effectively dissipates heat away from the graphics card. Much like a glacial storm, the Glaciator Fansink quickly transfers heat away from the GPU to lower temperatures by a whopping 7ºC on the EAH4850 in comparison to reference design boards. Besides this extreme cooling capacity, it operates very quietly with noise levels of only 25dB – almost imperceptible in a quiet room; and caters to users who require maximum cooling without excessive fan rotation noise.

HD Gaming/Video with Break-through Efficiency
The ASUS EAH4800 Series brings the power of graphical "supercomputing" to gamers – setting a new standard for visual computing. With the new TeraScale graphics engine, immersive, cinematic gaming experiences will redefine the way to play games and take HD gaming to a brand new level. With the ASUS EAH4800 Series, users will also be able to watch Blu-ray movies and play HD content with incredible visual fidelity and breakthrough efficiency – all without compromising performance.
Discrete graphics adapter memory:
1 GB
Graphics adapter memory type:
Memory bus:
256 bit
Memory clock speed:
993 MHz
Mac compatibility:
DirectX version:
Dual Link DVI:
DVI-I ports quantity:
Interface type:
PCI Express 2.0
Maximum resolution:
2560 x 1600 pixels
Processor front side bus:
625 MHz