HP AF101A console server

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Would you like your technicians to be able to get out of your computer rooms but still enable them to service the datacenter? The HP Serial Console Sever extends remote management with high performance serial access both inside and outside the datacenter. With remote access to up to 16 or 48 direct attached devices, the HP serial consoling solution utilizes CAT5 UTP cables to connect to any serially managed device, facilitating cable routing and allowing for field termination of cable lengths. An adapter is used to convert the serial signal to RJ45. They also provide remote access to headless servers such as those running UNIX, Linux or Microsoft Windows 2003 with EMS as well as serial managed devices such as network switches and routers from any workstation on the network or from a local terminal. HP Serial Console Servers are available in two models to support either 16 or 48 attached devices or servers through a single IP address using any SSH or telnet client.
Dimensions (WxDxH):
222.3 x 43.7 x 203.2 mm
2.3 kg