Acer Rack Server Sliding Rail Kit

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Rack Rails
Acer's toolless sliding rack rails are made with sturdy materials by tier-one rack accessory leaders and are designed to be ultra stable, smooth gliding and silent. Opening and closing with just a soft push or pull, the rails make light work of accessing server racks, and therefore last a very long time. The enhanced design provides a complete rack solution for enterprise-level environments in need of quick, easy access for server installation and servicing.

Efficient Designs for Easy Service
A front-mounted clip-on mechanism secures the server to the rack and instantly releases for easy access. Whether servers are 1U, 2U or rack-mountable towers, handy clip-on convenience reduces service time and quickens installation and system upgrades. The CMA eliminates cable stress and maintains a neat, organized cable layout, all within the rack’s enclosure. This makes servicing more efficient and increases uptime.

Smart Sizing and Airflow
Designed to fit a wide variety of the most popular rack cabinets, Acer rail and CMA designs include a drawer width allowance of +0.5/-1mm and a drawer depth allowance of +1/-1mm. Easing installations, the snap-in rail design is found throughout all Acer servers. Both rack rails and CMA have unobstructed central air plenums to ensure superior ventilation for 22U, 36U and 44U sizes. Plus, Acer 1U and 2U CMAs are compact and fully adjustable to avoid obstructions and improve airflow.

Customizable and Environmentally Friendly
Acer’s server rack accessories from tier-one leaders deliver long-lasting rails and cable management arms for customers demanding the best quality available. Featuring environmentally friendly designs complying with green regulations, these server rack solutions can be tailored to exactly fit customers’ unique IT facility needs.
Colour of product:
Silver, Stainless steel

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