C2G RCA F - RJ45 F

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Run video up to 1500ft over unshielded twisted pair cable
Video Baluns from Impact Acoustics provide an economical alternative to coaxial cable for video installations. Video baluns provide the necessary 75Ohm impedance to the video devices while providing 100Ohm impedance to the cabling infrastructure. This balancing of impedances allows the video signal to travel with little to no degradation of signal up to 1500 feet over unshielded twisted pair cabling. Save installation time by sharing existing UTP network cable for video applications. Baluns are available with male or female RCA and BNC connectors for connection to the device by patch cables or direct connection. The IDC connectors provide a quick method of connecting the baluns to UTP cable without the need for expensive tools. IDC also provides the benefit up using multiple baluns to send up to 4 video signals over a standard 4-pair UTP cable. The RJ-45 female connectors provide a quick method of connecting the baluns to existing UTP wall plates with RJ-45 terminations.
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