C2G Performance Screw-on Style F-type Connector 4pk

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Screw-on F-type plugs for RG6 18 AWG wire
Performance F-Type Connectors from Impact Acoustics offer excellent video transmission quality for today's demanding audio/video and home theater applications. These connectors are constructed with 24K gold plating that provides low-loss signal transfers and resists deterioration. If you want your system to perform at its highest capability, Performance screw-on F-Type Connectors from Impact Acoustics will make it happen. The easy-to-use, connectors are designed to receive up to RG6 18 AWG wire, making custom cable lengths a breeze. Termination is easy...simply insert the center conductor into the pin and secure with the set screw and solder the braid to the strain relief. Each package contains four yellow-coded connectors for quick visual identification. With Impact Acoustics' Screw-On F-Type Connectors, you will create video system interconnects that have a professional feel and provide years of viewing enjoyment!
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