Sandberg Monitor Cable DVI-HDMI 5 m

В наличии
DVI is the successor to VGA in graphics cards and computer monitors. Whereas VGA used an analogue signal, DVI is digital and therefore produces far better picture quality. HDMI is the long-awaited successor to SCART. HDMI uses the DVI standard for video and is used in the latest multimedia devices such as HDTV and some flat screens. This cable allows you either to connect a DVI device to an HDMI screen or an HDMI device to a DVI monitor. For example, you could connect your computer with DVI output to your flat screen with HDMI input, or your DVD recorder with HDMI output to your computer monitor with DVI input. The cable is double-shielded and uses ferrite cores to suppress noise and ensure optimum image quality. Note that this cable can only transmit video and therefore cannot be used to transmit audio.
Cable length:
5 m
0.00 mm
0.00 mm
Package depth:
3.00 mm
Package height:
2.05 cm
Package weight:
300 g
Package width:
1.8 cm
0.00 mm

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