Belkin High Speed Internet Modem Cable -2.1 M

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Faster than a speeding bullet; more durable than a normal phone cable; able to get you a faster Internet connection; it’s the Belkin High Speed Internet Modem cable. That’s right our high-speed modem cable passes 100Mbits of information per second, giving you the fastest possible Internet connection.
The Belkin High Speed Internet Modem cable attaches your modem or home phone to your telephone wall jack and transmits 10 times faster than any normal telephone cable for a clean, and clear transmission.

Advantages :
-Up to 10 times faster than a regular phone cable to get the most out of your modem.
-24K gold plated RJ11 contacts provide maximum conductivity to keep data from getting lost.
-Category 5 structured cable transmits data up to 100 Mbites/sec.
-Signal Exact Twist® technology keeps data loss to a minimum.

-Supports analog or digital (DSL./ISDN) applications.
-This cable will be free of defects in design, assembly, material and workmanship for a lifetime. Guaranteed!
-Double shielding (foil and braid) reduces EMI/RFI interference, allowing error-free data transfer at high seeds.
-Snagless molded strain relief provides added strength with flexibility even under extreme conditions.
-Compatible with all modem speeds.
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