C2G 1ft DB9 M/F

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Bring ultimate flexibility to RS-232 applications with the patented Serial270™ DB9 Extension Cables by Cables To Go. The 270° DB9 connector on each end rotates from side to side in almost a complete circle, allowing easy positioning of the cable to fit the installation. The connectors feature detents, or “click-stops”, every 90 degrees ensuring signal integrity is maintained. The oversized thumbscrews are slotted for easy connection to equipment. With Serial270™, the days of not having the right connector orientation on your cables are over!


- Rotating 270 degree connectors on each end move from side to side in almost a complete circle
- Oversized slotted thumbscrews make connecting to equipment easy
- Connectors: DB9 Male to DB9 Female
- Use to extend existing RS-232 serial cables
- Fully shielded to prevent unwanted EMI/RFI interference
- All lines wired straight through

Warning: Forcing the connector past the click-stops will break the connector and possibly damage the cable.
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