18in Upward Right Angle SATA Cable with LP4 Adapter

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Connect a SATA drive to an LP4 power supply connection and to the motherboard SATA controller connection

This 18in 'upward' right angle SATA cable features an upward right-angled (90°) combination SATA data and power connector, that breaks out into one LP4 power (male) connector and one SATA female data connector - allowing you to connect a Serial ATA drive to a power supply that may not offer a SATA power connector, as well as to the motherboard SATA controller. The data segment of the cable uses the 7-pin SATA architecture to keep the cable ultra-thin, narrow and flexible, giving you more room and better airflow inside your case. The keyed contacts of the Serial ATA connector prevent broken or bent pins and allow a firmly seated connection with minimal pressure. Designed and constructed to provide a dependable and convenient SATA connection, the right angled Serial ATA Data Cable is backed by's Lifetime Warranty.

The Advantage

- Compatible with both 3.5” and 2.5” Serial ATA devices
- The molded 90° connector relieves the strain caused by standard cables, and allows installation in tight spaces
Colour of product:
Package depth:
11.9 cm
Package height:
21.9 cm
Package weight:
40 (tbc)
Package width:
3.1 cm
Cable length:
0.4572 m