DELL 450-12230 power cable

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Power your Dell™ system with the 220 V Power Cord from Dell. This power cord provides an input voltage of 220 V. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

Alienware Area - 51
Alienware Aurora
Alienware M17x R4
Alienware M18x R2
Inspiron 13z (5323)
Inspiron 545
Inspiron 545s
Inspiron 546
Inspiron 560
Inspiron 560s
Inspiron 570
Inspiron 580
Inspiron 660
OptiPlex 3010
OptiPlex 360 DT
OptiPlex 7010
Optiplex 780 DT
OptiPlex 780 USFF
OptiPlex 9010
OptiPlex 960
OptiPlex FX160
PowerEdge 1950
PowerEdge 2970
PowerEdge C2100
PowerEdge C6100
PowerEdge C6145
PowerEdge M1000e
PowerEdge M600
PowerEdge R200
PowerEdge R210
PowerEdge R300
PowerEdge R310
PowerEdge R320
PowerEdge R420
PowerEdge R520
PowerEdge R620
PowerEdge R715
PowerEdge R720
Poweredge R720xd
PowerEdge R805
PowerEdge R810
PowerEdge R900
PowerEdge R905
PowerEdge R910
PowerEdge T100
PowerEdge T105
PowerEdge T300
PowerEdge T310
PowerEdge T320
PowerEdge T410
PowerEdge T420
PowerEdge T605
PowerEdge T620
PowerEdge T710
PowerVault DL2300
PowerVault DL4000
PowerVault DR4100
PowerVault NX200
PowerVault NX3000
PowerVault TL2000
PowerVault TL4000
Precision WorkStation T1500
Precision WorkStation T5500
Precision WorkStation T7500
Studio XPS 435 MT
Studio XPS 435t/9000
Studio XPS 7100
Vostro 320 All-in-One
Vostro 3360
Vostro 3460
Cable length:
Colour of product:
- Alienware Area - 51\n- Alienware Aurora\n- Alienware M17x R4\n- Alienware M18x R2\n- Inspiron 13z (5323)\n- Inspiron 545\n- Inspiron 545s\n- Inspiron 546\n- Inspiron 560\n- Inspiron 560s\n- Inspiron 570\n- Inspiron 580\n- Inspiron 660\n- OptiPlex 3010\n
Connector 2:
C13 coupler
Input voltage: