Tripp Lite PS/2 Keyboard Mouse Emulator

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Tripp Lites B012-000, PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Emulator, solves issues with emulation between KVM switches and Blade Servers with built-in KVM Management, when used in a mixed server environment, such as Blades, 1U Servers, Tower servers, etc. It also prevents computer lockup due to keyboard signal loss with some KVM switches not equipped with an emulation function. It allows hot plugging of the keyboard and mouse, and also allows computers to boot and run in the absence of a keyboard and mouse. This unit can be used as a security tool, where you need your computers to run without a keyboard and mouse connected to it, thus avoiding the chance that someone operates the computer without permission.

- Prevents computer lockup due to keyboard signal loss with KVM switches
- Allows hot plugging of the keyboard and mouse
- Corrects conflicts between built-in blade server KVM management module and external connected KVM switch
- Allows keyboardless/mouseless boot and run for increased security
- Non-powered; uses the computer's keyboard power source
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