Tripp Lite B078-101-USB keyboard video mouse (KVM) cable

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The Tripp Lite NetCommander USB Server Interface Module connects to the HD15 port and USB port on a computer/server, and converts them to a single RJ45 connector. Ordinary Cat5e patch cables can then be used to connect the server to the switch ports on a Tripp Lite B070 / B072-Series NetCommander Cat5 KVM switch. Use of Cat5e cables frees up space in the installation that would ordinarily be filled by traditional, thicker KVM cables.

- Eliminates the need for thicker, heavier KVM cables.
- Compact, lightweight design.
- Plug and Play; no software required.
- No power supply required.
- Allows a Server/CPU to be located up to 100ft away from the KVM switch.
Colour of product:
Connector 1:
RJ45 F/HD15 M
Connector 2: