Newstar PS23N1THIN6 keyboard video mouse (KVM) cable

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The NewStar Universal 3-in-1 KVM Switch Cables are designed to be the highest quality tangle-free KVM switch cables available. This cable is compatible for the NewStar KVM Switch. Keyboardconnection M/M, mouse M/M, monitor M/F.
This cables combine separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse in to one cable split apart at each end. This design makes him inherently tangle-free and easier to manage since the total cable count is reduced to 1/3.
The VGA Video section of the cable is coaxial eliminating picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images, and using ferrite cores near the connector ends provides superior EMI interference protection.
Cable length:
1.8 m
HDDB15 Male, 2x PS/2 Male / HDDB15 Female, 2x PS/2 Male