10 ft. Black PC99 4-in-1 Console Extension Cable

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If you want to position your keyboard, monitor mouse, and speakers away from your computer but don't want the clutter of four extension cables, the 4N1PSEXT10BK is the cable for you. We've taken our popular 3-in-1 keyboard/monitor/mouse extension cables and added a fourth element: a high-quality audio cable made with shielded wire and gold-plated connectors for ultimate sound clarity. With all four extension cables fused into one twenty-five-foot cable, you don't have to worry about cable tangles or a cluttered computer area..

Each connector is color-coded according to PC99 specifications for easy installation. The high-quality video cable features double-shielding and a ferrite core to eliminate signal interface, giving you crystal-clear video quality.


- All connectors are color coded to PC99 specifications for easy installation.
- Ferrite core on the video cable virtually eliminates EMI interference.
- Gold plated audio connectors for crisp clear sound.
- Keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speaker cables are separated for 1 ft from each end for easy connection.
- Tangle free 4-in-1 design.
- Video cable is constructed of mini-coax wire for ultimate picture clarity.
Cable length:
3.05 m
Colour of product:
HDDB15 Male, 2x 6 MiniDIN Male, 3mm PC Speaker Connector Male & Female